Sunday, March 29, 2009

FOR TODAY March 29,2009

Outside my is starting to get dark and cool. 

I am thinking...I am so far behind posting to my blogs, since I didn't get to do this last week, decided to do it tonight (Sunday)

From the learning rooms..Acceptence,how to accept things that isn't easy to accept.

I am thankful God, my family

From the kitchen... not much happening in there.

I am blue sweat suit

I am reading... "The Secret" by Beverly Lewis and " Managing my Moods" by Women of Faith study series "Beautiful in God's Eyes" again

I am hoping... that my daughter has a better week this week and isn't running a fever.

I am creating... a huge mess in my house

Around the house...tables piled high with knick knacks  and boxes galore.

One of my favorite things...clean and tidy house
A few plans for the rest of the week... Work, as well as spend a little time everyday packing up some boxes and sorting through clutter.

A picture I felt like sharing...boxes...moving boxes, they are everywhere.

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  1. Hi Cindy! I hope you have a blessed week after being away last week. Hoping Tori is feeling better too. Love your 'boxes' gotta make a big mess when sprucing up is on the menu! Love you Cindy!

  2. Hope you have a good week Cindy, will be praying about your job, and for Tori.

  3. Hi Tammy! Aahhh,, moving. I know it's a time of disarray. It's hard on our spirits that like peace and order. I know you're looking forward to good times ahead. I'm hoping too that your daughter is better.

    Hugs to you!

  4. I told my hubby that we're never moving again. I hate to move but I would love to downsize when the kids are grown and out. Maybe I can make the kids do the moving for me then.

    Good luck!