Monday, January 19, 2009

FOR TODAY January 19, 2009

Outside my window...It is still very dark with some street light shining

I am wonderful it is to sit here and sip my coffee

I am thankful for...a extra day at home

From the learning rooms... trying to learn how to do digital scrapbooking

From the kitchen....plenty of leftovers for dinner tonight

I am jammies

I am creating...some scrapbooking pages, at least trying too

I am take my car to the shop later today

I am reading..."Allison's Journey" by Wanda Brunstetter, "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren

I am hoping...Michael's family has a good day today despite it being Betty's birthday.

I am tapping on the keys as I type this post

Around the house...clean and orderly

One of my favorite things.. morning just like this.

A few plans for the rest of the week: back to work

I decided to show you this picture of Michael and I when we were in Houston f or Mothers Day last year.


  1. Hi, Cindy!
    hope you are havng a good evening? how is your weather? ours is cold and snowy!
    I'm waiting on hubby to get home from work, eat, and then I can get the kitchen all cleaned for the night! and then T.V. time! lol. have a wonderful evening, Hugz.

  2. I'm so glad you had a relaxing day off Cindy! You deserve it! Great pic from last year. Thinking of Michael on today, his Mom's bday! :-(

    Big hugs xo

  3. Good afternoon Cindy,
    Taking a break from watching the Inauguration to catch up on visits. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with me today. Hugz!

  4. Hi Cindy! So glad you got an extra day at home. I hope the digital scrapbooking goes well - just give a 'holler' if you want help. Can't wait to see one of your pages! Sending you big hugs!